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- *TEST*: Specimen B + 2drops of iodine solution

- *OBSERVATION*: No precipitate is found (No reaction is occurring)

*INFERENCE*: It indicates specimen B contains no starch content

(1aii) *TABULATE*

- *TEST*: Specimen B + 2ml of NaOH(aq) + 3 drops of CuSO4 + shake

- *OBSERVATION*: The mixture will turn to purple or violet colour

- *INFERENCE*: Protein is present

(1b) (i) Test for starch (ii) Test for protein (Biurets test)

(1c) - Additional income is obtained through quality mushrooms - They contain vitamins and proteins and Laos acts as antioxidants supporting the immune system

(1di) Fungi

(1dii) - Eukaryotic organism - Absence of chlorophyll - Cell walls made of chitin instead of cellulose

(1diii) - Molds - Mildews - Smuts - Rusts - Yeast

(1ei) Mullosca

(1eii) - Presence of tentacles - Possession of soft and unsegmented bodies - Body is covered by a mantle and she'll - They are bilaterally symmetrical - They are triploblastic with three layers

(1fi) - Specimen C (mushrooms) are decomposers breaking down surface waste releasing nitrogen back into the soil in form of ammonium nitrate, a nutrient essential for plant survival

(1fii) Saprophytic mode of nutrition


(2a) E - Berry F - Berry H - Dry Dehiscent Fruits

(2b) E - Parietal placentation F - Axile placentation

(2c) E - Animals F - Animals H - Self dispersal

(2di) Birds, squirrels, and other small mammals consumes the fruit which will lead to dispersal of the seeds in faeces or as they carry them from the tree to their habitats

(2dii) (i) Vitamin such as vitamin C (ii) Mineral such as Potassium, magnesium, iron

(2ei) Green

(2eii) It signifies that the pod is young and immature

(2fi) Marginal placentation

(2fii) DRAWING

(4dii) Use either loops, whorls or arches

(4diii) Accidental, double loop, Tented arch fingerprints

(4div) - It is highly accurate - Very useful in criminal identification - It is easy to use - It is unique and can never be the same for two persons

(4dv) Morphological variation

*_MORE LOADING_* *==================*

*Biology Practical *

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2020 Waec Expo OBJ & Theory (Questions And Answers)

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