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2020 WAEC Expo OBJ & Theory (Questions And Answers) olinerunzWaec



Civic Education

(1a) Citizenship education is a type of education which instills desirable values, attitudes, skills and knowledge into individuals to enable them participate in the affairs of their group or adjust functionally as good citizens.


(i) It has promoted democracy in Nigeria

(ii) It has helped the citizens to recognise their civic rights and responsibilities

(iii) It played a role in creating freedom awareness among citizens

(iv) It encouraged students to play a helpful part in the lives of their schools, neighborhoods, communities and the wider world

(v) It encouraged respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities

(vi) It helped developed students' ability to reflect on issues and take part in discussions



Human rights are inalienable rights and freedoms that individuals are entitled to in the state from birth until death.


(i) Promoting awareness of human rights.

(ii) Checking laws to make sure they uphold human rights.

(iii) Suggesting new laws to protect human rights

(iv) Giving Rights for investigating situations where human rights may be abused, such as in prisons or hospitals.

(v) Taking cases of human rights abuse to court.

(vi) Working with other organisations to promote human rights


3a) Inter communal relationship is a relationship which exist between two or more communities. One of the major objectives of the Government is to ensure that the Government is close to the members of the community and provide a forum where local people can defend themselves and also develop their local communities.

(3b) (i) Provision of political development:- A good and positive inter communal relationship helps to promote political development of different kinds and ensures that concerned communities participate in issue related to the development of the community.

(ii) Promotion of peace and unity:- A positive inter communal relationship will help to promote peace and unity in the community.

(iii) Enhancement of security:- It ensures stable and standby security consciousness in the community. It will help to remove fear of violence, war or any kind of between communities.

(iv) Promotion of tribal Marriage:- When there is a good relationship between different communities, it becomes easy for communal/tribal marriage to take place. Positive inter-communal relationship will enhance willingness for the communities to give out their sons and daughters to others from another tribe.

(v) Promotion of economic Progress:- A responsible and positive inter-communal relationship will enhance peaceful atmosphere and strategies for each other or each other business like inter marketing strategies etc.


(4) (i) Quest For Power and Social Identity: Many students becomes members of the cults because of their quest for power and authority, this is mostly common among those with the aim of fighting of fighting for their rights and other peoples rights. Whereas, some others join cultism because they want to belong to a class or lifestyles higher to their peers.

(ii) Poor Parenting: The present day parenthood suffers a bridge of communication and intimacy with their wards (children) and this has lead a lot of students to cultism because most parent fail to inculcate norm, moral, value and discipline to their wards.

(iii) Peer Pressure: Some students are influenced by their mates into joining cults. Students are not able to exercise integrity in the face of pressure from their friends to do evil.

(iv) Drug Abuse: The influence of drug on young people makes them threw away their conscience to the wind. Often than not individuals who constantly crave for drugs connect with other addicts on a daily basis where they get supply of the drugs. At times they associated with cultist directly or indirectly at the hideout where they usually buy and sell the drugs substances.

(v) Use Of Cultists By Politicians: Politicians who use cultists as thugs during campaigns and elections are part of people who are encouraging cultism in the school. Most cult groups have government officials or politicians as their patron or patronesses who finance them for their personal dubious motives.


(5) (i) Report missing persons to security agencies as soon as possible

(ii) Educate the vulnerable younger citizens on the various tactics traffickers employ.

(iii) Organize awareness campaigns and demonstrations against human trafficking.

(iv) Encourage their representatives in national and state assemblies to legislate better immigration laws and penalties for offenders.

(v) Powerful individuals like monarchs should use their traditional offices to strongly warn against trafficking in their jurisdictions such as the example set by the reigning Oba of Benin, Oba Eredieuwa, who issued a stern warning and placed a curse on traffickers, resulted in reduced trafficking among his people. ===================================================


(i) Engaging Youths in Governance: The youths can be empowered, if the country allowed for participatory system of governance where youths are allowed to take part in governance of a country, and their voices heard, and at the same time incorporated in the formulation of policies as well as, in the area of governance.

(ii) Graduate Internship Program: The graduate internship program is one of the major ways where youths could be empowered. It provides placement with companies that are competent to enhance the skills of the youths, as well as, improves their changes of being employed by these companies.

(iii) Engaging Youth in Construction And Rehabilitation Of Infrastructure: The youths can be empowered, if they are employed to take part or participate in the construction of social infrastructure and economic infrastructure, as well as, the rehabilitation of these infrastructure.

(iv) Provision Of Higher Education: Education, it is said, is the bedrock of development hence, any society that want to attain greatness must embrace education. So, access to higher education has helped in increasing the rate of economic growth, and sociopolitical development of a nation

(v) Making Grants Available For Business Development: Most of the youths are engaged in small and medium scale businesses for their livelihood. And so, since expanding these businesses with the expectation of gaining huge return on investment, and as well, increase the socioeconomic activities in the society, with which, such activities can eventually led to a nation’s industrialization, government in particular, can release funds, such as business development incentives or grants for young Nigerian business entrepreneurs, particularly in the creative industry.


*7a* The pillars of democracy refer to the intellectual foundations that support the philosophy of democracy. With knowledge of the pillars then a person can predict additional features that should be used in a practical application of the theory of democracy. It is even possible to propose new features based on rational extensions as implied by the foundations.

(7b) The principle of political control of armed forces as we know it today is rooted in the concept of a representative democracy. It refers to the supremacy of civilian institutions, based on popular sovereignty, over the de-fense and security policy-making apparatus, including the military leadership.

(7c ) (i)Freedom from prior restraint on the press or arbitrary punishment for whatever is published.

(ii) The right for everyone with the means to establish press outlets and to jealously protect news sources.

(iii) The principle that any restrictions on press freedom must be applied or subject to review by a competent court and the court alone has the right to impose penalties on unprofessional conduct.

(iv) The prohibition of all forms of government interference on the press in the forms of censorship or similar prior restraint.


(8) (i) Distribution of fund to civil society organisations: Political parties should distribute fund to civil society organisations and municipalities that run activities aimed at increasing participation.

(ii) Provision of support materials: By giving support material for compulsory political information in schools and the presence of political party representatives, which by so doing, encourages popular participation.

(iii) Promotion of good governance in society: Initiating work to promote involvement in representative democracy and improve social representativeness. Political parties should launch movements for solving problems faced by the people thereby promoting a good governance.

(iv) Increased democratic awareness: Awareness of the fundamental principles of democracy and knowledge of the rules of democracy should be created.

(v) Safeguarding democracy against violence-promoting extremism: A society that does not clearly distance itself from violence promoting extremism and ideologically motivated violence risks becoming polarised. There will be a low turn up in political matters when violence is involved. v

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