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2020 WAEC Expo OBJ & Theory (Questions And Answers) olinerunzWaec

*2020 WAEC GEOGRAPHY PRACTICAL ANSWERS* ================================
(1b) Length of the map = 19.2 Length of the land = 19.2 19.2*50,000/1000 =960km
(1c) -human Features- (i)School (ii)Hospital (i)Market
-Physical features- (i)River (ii)Contour (iii)Tree ================================
(3a) (Choose Any five) (i)Latitude (ii)Altitude (iii)Continentality or distance from the sea (iv)ocean currents (v)planetary winds and pressure belts (v)slope and aspect
(3b) (i)It has constant high temperature with daily temperature of 26°C with no winter (ii)It has annual rainfall of over 200cm and rainfall is throughout the year (iii)It has high humidity all year round with double maxima of rainfall (iv)It has small annual temperature range of 2°C - 3°C (v)It has convectional rainfall accompanied by lightening and thunder. ================================
(4a) Weathering is defined as the gradual breaking down or disintegration of rocks by either physical or chemical process
(4b) (i) Climate :Climate elements like temperature and rainfall are the major factors affecting Weathering. While physical Weathering is aided by temperature and water to break down rocks, chemical Weathering is aided by water and other gases in the atmosphere
(ii)Type of rocks : rocks are made up of different minerals while some are resistant to weathering others are not simply because of their differences in structure, composition and sizes of the rocks
(iii) Relief: very steep slopes like high mountains and courage weathering especially Frost action why gentle and even slopes favour chemical Weathering
(4c) Exfoliation is a process in which large flat or curved sheets of rock fracture and are detached from the outcrop due to pressure release: As erosion removes the overburden from a rock that formed at high pressure deep in the Earth´s crust, it allows the rock to expand, thus resulting in cracks and fractures along sheet. ================================
(5) *CHECK IMAGE* ================================
(7a) Climate is the average weather condition of a Given area over a large period of time usually 35-40 years.
(7c) (i) Vast area of north africa. (ii) middle East. (iii) chile. (iv) interior Australia. (v) South western united state.
(7d) (i) Hot desert climate are generally hot, Sunny and dry year-round. (ii) Less Arid with annual precipitation a bit lower than 250mm. (iii) Summer daytime temperature may exceed 40°C. (iv) Hot desert soils are thin, sandy, rocky and Generally Grey in colour. (v) During winter its temperature ranges between 20-30°C. ================================
(8a) Atmospheric pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores may be suspended as particles.
(8b) (i)Mobile source (ii)Area sources (iii)Natural sources (iv)Stationary sources
(8c) (i)Deterioration of fields (ii)Acid rain and Smog effect (iii)Respiratory health problems (iv)Climate change =================================


Availability of raw material. Availability of raw material is the foremost cause for the localization of an industry. ... -Availability of Power. Availability of cheap power is another cause for localization. ... -Climate. ... -Availability of skilled labour. ... -Nearness to market. ...
1b ) higher wages - less dependence on related agricultural industries - employment opportunity.  - Basic infrastructure may not be available. -Skilled workers from the urban areas may be unwilling to work in the rural areas. =====================
2a) -social services. -roads are narrow -houses are closed together -close to a water supply or located at a route centre. -Easy to defend
2b) Cities provide economies of scale, agglomeration, and localisation - they provide efficient infrastructure and services through density and concentration in transportation, communications, power, human interactions, water and sanitation services. -Providing jobs in industry or services. -As an administration centre for the area around it. -As an entertainment centre, for example offering sporting attractions, shopping areas, restaurants.
(2c) (i)Body of water (transportation routes, water for drinking and farming) (ii)Flat land (easy to build) (iii)Fertile soil (for crops) (iv)Forests (timber and housing) =====================
3a) -Regional short sea services. Concerns specific connections that are designed to service commercial relations, commonly within the same corporation (dedicated single services) with scheduled but low frequency services. -Feeder services. Connections that are integrated in the global container shipping network through the use of transshipment hubs to move containers from feeder (smaller ships) to deepsea (large ships) services. These services are scheduled according to the network strategies of the shipping lines and can be replaced with direct calls if volumes are substantial enough. -Ferry services. Fixed point to point services running on scheduled and high frequency routes that usually accommodate a combination of passengers and freight flows using roll-on / roll-off operations. They are present to service well defined connections that include social (passengers) and commercial (freight) interactions.
3b)check pictures
3c) loading
========================= Section B =========================
(5b) (Choose Any 3) (i) Professional development reimbursement. (ii) Performance & career development programs. (iii) Frequent company social activities & opportunities to give back to the community. (iv) Great clients and projects. (v) Supportive team-oriented work environment.
(5c) (Choose Any 3) (i) import/export processes. (ii) heavy human and vehicular congestion around the ports. (iii) difficulty in gaining access to the ports due to bad roads. (iv) security concerns. (v) corruption.
6ai)-Oil Hydro power.
6aii) - hydro-power  -biomass -wind  - solar energy 
6b) -Bad governance - Lack of technological equipments -Low funds -political Division
6c)- Good governance should be installed.. - Nigeria Energy companies should be provided with Modern age technological gadgets. - Funds should be they first thing to be pumped to develop a project like this. You need funds and skilled engineers. -Politics should taken away from this aspect, because its what's killing they system when Nigeria is too political about thermal energy building it brings they country down to its side...

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2020 Waec Expo OBJ & Theory (Questions And Answers)

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